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2022-08-20 02:54:11 By : Mr. Owen Wu

As it turns out, many of us have been doing it wrong!

With many Aussies now relying on home antigen test kits (if they can find them!) a doctor has posted a video on social media showing just how far in the nasal swab can go. As it turns out, many of us have been doing it wrong!

The increased use of COVID rapid antigen test kits in Aussie homes has many of us thinking we’re testing pros by now.

But are we really? According to a Melbourne-based ear nose and throat surgeon, no! In fact, many of us are performing the dreaded nasal swab all wrong.

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The ENT surgeon performs the test correctly in the video. Image: Twitter / Dr Eric Levi

A common complaint people have when it comes to the nasal swab when testing for COVID-19 is that it feels like it ‘hits our brain’. Well, it just might be, according to Dr Eric Levi, who insists the swab should be directed to the back of our head not up.

In a video that has now gone viral around the world on Twitter, Dr Levi shows just how a nasal swab should be performed.

“The nasopharynx goes back, not up. When you take a nasopharyngeal swab or insert nasogastric tube, NEVER aim upwards towards the brain. Go LOW and go SLOW,” he captions the video.

The clip then shows Dr Levi insert the nasal swab and push it all the way in his nostril going as far back as he can … and warning… it goes a lot further in than most of us even realise!

While performing the test on himself for the sake of educating us all, Dr Levi explains how he has seen the test conducted the wrong way too many times.

“Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of people doing a nasopharyngeal and go straight up. Don’t do this, that’s going to hit the brain,” he warns.

“Nasopharyngeal swab has to be performed backwards and it goes in all the way, almost flat to the floor of your nose until you hit the back end gently and then you can pull out.”

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Go back, not up, says Dr Levi. Images: Twitter / Dr Eric Levi

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The viral video has been viewed over one million times on Twitter, with many people horrified at just how deep the nasal swab can go.

“Wow. It’s deep,” one person commented.

Meanwhile, others were just glad to see the demonstration after too many horror stories of the test being conducted incorrectly.

“Wow I've seen so many insert straight up, people bleeding,” another commented.

Now, if only we could get our hands on a R.A.T so we can test this method out… anyone?