Don't stick swab too far into nostril, experts advise students | The Standard

2022-04-24 02:49:48 By : Ms. Danielle Xu

A pediatric medical organization has released a set of guidelines on how to conduct rapid antigen tests for primary students, who will resume face-to-face classes on Tuesday.

The group said that children aged 2 to 6 only need to insert the swab 1.5 to 2 cm into the nasal cavity, while those aged 6 to 12 are recommended to insert the swab 2 cm.

As for children over 12 years old, the nasal swab should extend 2 to 3 cm into the nasal cavity.

Parents were advised to perform a rapid test shortly after their children woke up. Children should blow their nose before using a nasal swab, as excess nasal mucus could affect the test results. The swab should then be placed against the nasal walls and spun around to ensure coverage.

Parents should also follow the instructions on the manual for the frequency and time of swabbing, since different rapid test brands may vary.

There are few capillaries in the nasal cavity. Pediatricians assured parents and children that the chances of causing a nosebleed are low if the nasal swab is inserted correctly. But if parents find children frequently suffering from nosebleeds, they are advised to seek medical attention from a pediatrician.

Parents are advised not to use oral rapid tests, which have not yet been approved by authorities. The group also called on parents to vaccinate their children as soon as possible. Since children’s immune systems are not fully developed, Covid-19 infections could cause serious complications.

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