The Antigen Rapid Test Experience, This Is The Process

2022-08-20 02:57:25 By : Ms. Lily Ma

The decision regarding the rapid antigen test to leave DKI made me look for a clinic that could serve antigen rapid test.Even though I've had a PCR test before, to be honest, I'm still nervous.This is my first time doing a rapid antigen test.That said, the taste is the same as a PCR test, both are swab noses.From the first time I came to the clinic where I wanted a rapid antigen test, I started to feel nervous, especially after seeing a lot of people waiting in line.I'm afraid I won't get the queue number.While waiting in line, I had to hold my friend's hand tightly to reduce my fear.Not long in line, it was my turn to do a rapid antigen test.Sure enough, my heart felt like it was going to burst when my name was called to enter the test booth.Before the test kit entered my nose, I asked the officer for permission to hold his hand.The officers are both girls, by the way. Arriving at the booth for the test, I was accompanied by medical personnel equipped with white PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).Ugh, it's getting more and more nervous.But, fortunately, the staff who served were friendly enough to calm me down, hihihi.Not bad, I became calmer when the officer started pointing the swab at the nose.Slowly, my nose was pierced deep to the base.Reflexive, I coughed.Fortunately, it can still be controlled, so it doesn't interfere with taking the swab.In just a few seconds, the swab collection process is complete.It turned out that my fear was not worth the test that I did.Maybe it's because I've had PCR before, so I'm not too surprised.And it's true, it's not as painful as you think.So, for those of you who want to do a rapid antigen test, don't be afraid.It doesn't hurt!